What kind of Facebook user are you?

Take Psychster's quiz to learn your type: Fan, Brander, Social Searcher, Influencer, Gamer, or Neutral.

Do people who visit your online profile see you as you see yourself?

Psychster's YouJustGetMe site and Facebook app have given over 50,000 members a free personality test based on the Big Five model, then let them collect impressions from visitors to learn whether others are really getting to know them.


Collaborating with MCDM students at the University of Washington, Psychster has published a psychographic segmentation of Facebook users. Read the paper and take the quiz to find out what you are.

When users are entertained, are they also ready to buy? Psychster and Bookrags.com take a closer look at how the content of a site affects purchasing intention. To be entertained does not necessarily mean users are in a buying frame of mind.

Can you use Twitter to advertise 3rd party products? Psychster and Esmee Williams and Stephanie Robinett of Allrecipes.com look at how to plug products without losing followers.

What should you say on Twitter when your site goes down? Psychster teams up with Jeff Hora and Tom Moran of Microsoft on study to learn how outages might be most caringly and effectively addressed on Twitter.

Is adolescent egocentrism really driving teens' fascination with social media? Executive Director of Communications for the Issaquah, WA school district Sara Niegowski guest authors a whitepaper looking at whether the psychology of adolescence fully explains teens online.

Do Influencers actually influence anyone? UW Social Media Strategist and HubPages.com journalist Megan Jeffrey guest authors a whitepaper showing that content trumps character when it comes to influencing others online.

In the age of YouTube, are amateur videos watched as long as professional ones? Psychster exposed Allrecipes users to the same cooking videos ranging from simple to highly produced and measured how long they were watched. Results help indicate how much should be spent on videos used for professional or commercial purposes.

What widgets work for what purposes on what sites? Psychster exposed Allrecipes and Facebook users to 7 different ad types, from sponsored content to fan pages to true widgets, and measured engagement and purchase intent.

What do you post on your online profile so people get you? By mining the data from YouJustGetMe, Psychster has published two studies looking at what textual information and what types of profile photographs you should put on your online profile to best convey your personality to others. Also see our review in Eye on Psi Chi.