Psychster Inc. was sunset as a commercial entity. The site is being maintained to facilitate access to our publications.


Psychster joins NPR Marketplace to talk about ad targeting on Facebook. Check it out.


Psychster and MCDM students perform 7 free usability tests for Seattle start-ups. Read about it.


Psychster joins a panel on Steve Scher's Weekday to talk about why online comments on journalism pieces always get so nasty. Listen.


Psychster joins NPR Marketplace to talk about ways to use Twitter to mitigate the PR hit you take when your site goes down. Listen.


Huffington Post names YouJustGetMe "One of 5 Online Tests Actually Worth Your Time." Enjoy.


Techcrunch covers Psychster's Whitepaper with Microsoft on what to tweet when your site goes down. And that is?


David joins Human Centered Design & Engineering program at UW to lecture on experimental design.


Psychster keynotes at Search & Social Woot! conference talking about our recent research findings on how to use Twitter for advertising and crisis management. Collaborative whitepapers with Microsoft Learning, Allrecipes & Network Solutions out soon!


Psychster's David Evans will teach his second term of Psychology of Digital Media in the Master's of Communication program in Digital Media at the University of Washington.


Psychster collaborates with Allrecipes on a study of what widgets work for what purposes on what sites. Get the whitepaper.


Psychster returns to ICWSM this time with original research on what type of profile photo you should post to best convey your personality. Read it.


PSRF invites Psychster to talk about Network Properties. David is honored to be invited back to PSRF, this time to talk about what the grand network that is the brain can teach us about designing social media. See the deck.


NPR's Linton Weeks interviews Psychster on the tragic online suicide of Abraham Biggs and what it reveals about the psychology of social media. Read the story.


YouJustGetMe Grows to over 14,000 registered members who have made over 22,000 guesses of each others' personality. Do people who visit your profile see you as you see yourself? Find out.


YJGM named a top online psychology experiment. Psych Central and the New York Times Blog "Well" both honor YJGM with a best-of-web nod. Psych Central writes, "Lovely software design, simple to use, great functions...this is more than a social experiment, it's also social media." Over 11,000 members agree.Read the buzz.


YJGM makes front page on Slashdot. A great blog about our ICWSM paper by Joe McCarthy of MyStrands was featured on Slashdot. YJGM grew to 8,500 members and the servers held out! Read the discusssion.


Psychster presents at the Int'l Conference on Weblogs and Social Media. We reported findings from YouJustGetMe about which elements of your online profile help people understand your personality, and which don't. Read our paper.


YouJustGetMe reaches 6,000 members and 10,000 personality guesses. And our first celebrity personality guessing contest is launched when psychologist Phil Zimbardo joins the site. Guess Dr. Z!


US News & World Reports psychophile Chris Wilson covers the launch of YouJustGetMe on the Facebook Platform. Check it out.


Seattle Post Intelligencer's Venture blogger John Cook writes up Psychster and YouJustGetMe. Read it.


Psychster invited to Social Computing workshop organized by MSU and Microsoft Research at the ACM Group 2007 Conference. See more.


Psychster advisor Sam Gosling featured in US News & World Report. Reporter Chris Wilson interviewed Sam for an article exploring whether Facebook profiles faithfully represent their authors' personality. Take a look!


YouJustGetMe launches to provide people with a fun experience guessing the personality of others and having their personalities guessed in return. Check it out!


Psychster assists RIPL to determine the four psychographic segments of their prospective members.


Psychster LLC is founded as a Washington state limited liability company and later converted to Psychster Inc.


David C. Evans Ph.D.
CEO and Principal Investigator. David specializes in psychographic segmentation, multivariate experimental designs, and usability interviews. He works extensively with Microsoft Operations and teaches at the University of Washington in the MCDM and HCDE programs.

Shade Solon
Sr. Analyst. Shade has worked in user experience for over 5 years and is studying industrial and organizational psychology with a focus on change management, performance, and effective information.

Nicholas Martens Ph.D.
Analyst. Nicholas joins us from the Experimental Psychology department at Florida Atlantic University to co-author blogs and research articles and conduct usability interviews.

Thomas Glanz
Analyst. A psychology graduate from the University of Washington, Tom conducts heuristic reviews and usability studies, and functions as the Science Education Web Consultant with the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research. He plans on pursuing further education in Psychology and Social Media.


Andrea Cooper Ph.D.
Anthropology professor at San Juan College, Andrea's dissertation was on virtual and actual workplace alliances. She is is working with Psychster on a manuscript about online stereotyping.

Fitzgerald Steele
Doctoral candidate in Human Computer Interaction at the University of Iowa, Jerry's been working lately with social media, machine learning, and distributed intelligence.